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“We regret to share that our longstanding tradition, the June Fete Fair and Horse & Pony Show, planned for the June 7th weekend, has been cancelled for this year.

Upper Moreland Township has denied our permit applications. This decision was not made lightly by the Township and was based on the Township’s current safety and security concerns related to numerous local events.

We worked collaboratively with the Township for several months to mitigate any potential security risks by implementing the following safety measures:

  • Canceling evening hours
  • Removing thrill-seeking rides
  • Installing weapon detection screening systems at all entrance gates
  • Increasing security coverage threefold at a great cost to the Women’s Board

It is the Township’s position, that despite the security measures we proposed to address any concerns, the high risk of safety and security issues remain.

For the past 111 years, the Women’s Board of Abington Health Foundation has worked diligently to provide this family friendly event for our community. While we are incredibly disappointed that the June Fete Fair and Horse & Pony Show will not take place this year, we respect the Township’s decision and take the safety and security of our community extremely seriously, as this is our top priority.”



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