We do our best to find allergy-sensitive offerings and the best products around.

With that, we recognize that there is a lot of concerns with the ingredients. As you review the information below, please keep in mind that we do not manufacture any products ourselves. We are passing along the allergy and product information that we were provided by the manufacturers.

If you have a specific allergy question, please email us at info@yourchocolateguys.com.

General across all products:

All products are produced in a facility that processes and may contain traces of tree nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts) and peanuts.

Most products (Except the VEGAN Fudge) contain dairy, fresh cream, butter, milk.

Traditional Fudge

  • Made near Pittsburgh, PA
  • All products are produced in a facility that may contain traces of tree nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts) peanuts and wheat.
  • Products may contain: Soy Lecithin (a soy product), Corn Syrup
  • All flavors are considered GLUTEN-FREE except: Alcohol flavors (Smoked Whiskey with Almonds, Black Cherry Bourbon, Vanilla Bourbon, Guinness Stout, Bourbon Caramel Turtle); Cookies N Cream; Birthday Cake (not 100% sure).
    • The items flavored with grain alcohol, such as whiskey and bourbon, may contain trace wheat. Though these are distilled spirits and are further cooked to burn off the alcohol content, we caution those with gluten sensitivities to these particular flavors.
    • Since we do not manufacture the products we assume they can be made on shared equipment (ex. the chocolate flavor may have been made on the same equipment as the black cherry bourbon)

“Scottish Style” Fudge

  • Made by The Mill Fudge Factory  In Bristol NH
  • All flavors of fudge are gluten-free, except the whiskey flavor (Scottish Whisky, Cabin Fever Maple Whisky, and Bailey’s Irish Cream).
  • All flavors of fudge contain dairy (milk and butter).
  • All chocolate flavors are made with chocolate that contains Soy Lecithin (a soy product) but the rest do not contain any soy.
  • Many flavors contain walnuts, pecans or peanuts, and all flavors are made in the same facility. While we take precautions to avoid allergy contamination, but we cannot guarantee that any flavor is completely free of traces of nuts.


  • Made by Sweet Victory Gluten & Dairy Free Treats in Dublin, PA
  • All products are gluten and dairy-free and are produced in a facility that is gluten/dairy-free.
  • Processed in a facility that handles Tree nuts, Peanuts, Coconut, Soy, and Eggs